Charlotte County
Chamber of Commerce

If you're a landlord or a tenant...then you may want to read this.

AM & PM began business in 1997. It's success was based on simple concepts for the landlord: Do the job better and more efficient than other property managers; Increase the services to the landlord; Keep the landlord informed; Decrease repair costs to the landlords; Inspect the properties regularly; And get the rents to the landlords...on time.

And for the tenant? We handle needed repairs as soon as possible, and an emergency phone, 24/7; We explain every detail of the lease to the tenants; We let the tenants know what to do in an emergency; We let them know what is expected from them and what is expected from us.

These elements became our hallmark to the delight of both Landlords and tenants...and fortunately for us...very few competitors follow it.

North Port Area
Chamber of Commerce
Number of Bedrooms
Number of Bathrooms
Square Footage Range
  North Port  Port Charlotte
  Punta Gorda  Rotonda West

Price Range
Rental Type
  Residential  Seasonal

Renters / Tenants

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