Our experienced staff will provide you with superior service and support. We make it our responsibility to know you personally and your investment goals. Our job is to protect you and your investment. Our marketing department uses a wide variety of resources to promote your rental home.

We fully screen all potential tenants and discuss with you the potential tenant for your home. We offer direct deposit for your rental proceeds. You will receive monthly statements along with end of the year reports.

Our leases are prepared by our eviction attorneys. Their leases are rock solid in case an eviction ever arises. Our attorney’s can have a tenant evicted usually within 30 days. We very rarely have to evict a tenant since we are very pro-active if rents are late.

There will be no surprises from AM&PM Rentals. We have a repair/maintenance department that will contact you on all issues before work is performed. Our local vendors offer us discounted rates for services and we pass those discounts on to you.

Please call or email our office to discuss AM&PM Rentals managing your real estate investment.